Sunday, August 28, 2011


Hey this is Josh from the Creep Machine, and I have been given the opportunity to curate another show. This is a group show that will take place at the Articulated Gallery in San Francisco, located on Haight Street. The gallery is perfect for a show like this, and I am very excited to curate a show I have had in mind for a few years now.

"Marvelous Humans" will be a group show with artwork inspired by the many human marvels that once lived, or are alive today. This is not just another "sideshow" art show. I have always been inspired by the people who were born with a certain condition, and made the most of it. So instead of focusing on these people as "oddities", as too many sideshows did throughout the years, I thought it was time for some art to be created that gave these people dignity.

Of course I don't want to impose too many rules on the show, so the main thing for me is that the work is not exploitative in any way. So paint human marvels from the past, such as the Lobster Boy or Schlitzie the Pinhead, or current ones like Torture King or the Lizardman. Have fun, but keep respect and dignity in mind.

For inspiration you can search google for "Human Oddities", "Body Modification", "Sideshow Freaks" or my personal favorite The Human Marvels website. A great source of inspiration, and filled with many marvelous humans.

This video might help get those creative juices flowing as well.